Reinigungsanlage für Pharmapaletten

Cleaning: clean, secure and documented

In pharmaceutical logistics, transport-means also enter the GMP area. They must therefore meet the same high hygienic standards as production means. Cleaning and inspection ensure safety. We guarantee the cleanliness of aluminium and plastic pallets (European dimensions, industrial dimensions) with our own cleaning system.

We also clean the aluminium containers and reusable plastic containers with and without lids that are typically used in bulk production.

Strict separation for optimal hygiene

We have designed the entire GMP-certified cleaning process to meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, and have integrated it into the logistics centre in Schönefeld. The approximately 850-square-metre-large cleaning area is separated from the other spaces. It is subject to a special hygiene programme with respect to cleanliness and pest control. Only trained UNITAX-Pharmalogistik staff have access to it.

The cleaning area is connected to the outside via a roller-door, through which the objects to be cleaned are inserted. After cleaning, our employees convey the clean transport means through a material sluice into the adjacent warehouse. During the entire cleaning process, uncleaned and cleaned objects are safely separated from each other to prevent cross-contamination.

Cleanliness on 40 metres

Our cleaning system from Kitzinger Maschinenbau GmbH (a contino 400 continuous flow washing unit) consists of a loading, main washing, rinsing, drying and removal zone. In total the system is 40 metres long. In the wash cycle, we exclusively use detergents approved for the pharmaceutical and food sector. In order to avoid damaging the plastic containers, the water temperature is kept below 60°C. The last rinse is done with clear drinking water.

The system delivers dry, visually-clean objects. After cleaning, the microbiological quality of the surfaces corresponds to a maximum of 100 CFU/25 cm2. The cleaned transport-means is placed on the clean load-carrier of your choice and wrapped in film. Thanks to the tightly sealed packaging, the cleaned objects are protected from dust and other contamination.

Fully documented

For manufacturers and dealers in the pharmaceutical sector, complete documentation is essential. In order to be able to clearly trace all means of transport and objects, we provide them with a label containing relevant information such as the date, batch name of the cleaning agent and the personnel number of the employee responsible for cleaning.