Customized order picking

The complete range of services for our customers in the pharmaceutical industry include picking and packaging as well as numerous contract manufacturing services.

Before we distribute consignments in Germany and Europe, we assemble them individually in our warehouses – from unmixed pallets to the smallest consignments. Every month, UNITAX-Pharmalogistik's 45 warehouse employees dispatch up to 7,000 consignments.

We transport pallets and containers using our pharmaceutical trucks directly to the distribution centres of the wholesalers and the pharmacies, or to contract manufacturers and producers.

Order picking in figures

45 warehouse

200 orders
per day

2.500 square metres
of picking area

per month

Efficient and reliable

Fine-commissioning consignments is demanding work. In order to further accelerate the picking process and simultaneously ensure high quality, we have invested in a modern pick-by-vision system. This will eliminate the need to manually issue picking lists, as data glasses show the employees from which container they need to take the required goods. At the same time, the system specifies the exact number of items when picking. After the employee has electronically acknowledged the pick, stock levels are automatically updated in the warehouse management system.

When picking entire pallets, our employees sort the goods by consignee and bring the consignment units directly to the loading gate of the respective destination. Using barcode scanners, they record each outgoing delivery and thus always document the current stock level during picking.