Temperaturgeführter Transport

GDP transports throughout Europe –

Particularly strict criteria apply for the transport of pharmaceutical products. Many drugs, for example, must be kept at a constant temperature throughout the entire journey. It is equally important to meet high hygiene and safety standards.

That is why we use special vehicles to transport your sensitive products and work according to GDP-certified procedures. Thanks to our qualified staff, our performance is consistently high.

Our fleet: temperature-controlled, clean and secure

We are responsive as a service provider, and are demanding as a customer. Consequently, we set high standards when it comes to the selection of our special vehicles. Only the innovative cooling trailers from Krone, which were specially made for UNITAX-Pharmalogistik, were good enough for us. Among other things they include a comprehensive safety system for the refrigerated body, including a cooling temperature mechanism and refrigeration. Thanks to specially insulating partition walls, the interior can be divided into different temperature zones.

In this way, the simultaneous transport of pharmaceutical products with different needs is possible. For control purposes, the temperature is measured during the entire transport: The temperature sensors integrated in the vehicle provide us with this information in real time, so that we can immediately react in the event of any temperature deviations.

The equipment and finish of the loading area means that easy, thorough cleaning is possible for maximum cleanliness. The stainless-steel rear portal, which is suitable for sluices and ramps, prevents contamination during transfer from truck to warehouse.

UNITAX-Pharmalogistik's vehicle fleet contains 62 of these special vehicles certified according to GDP (Good Distribution Practice) and validated for the processes in the pharmaceutical industry. These standards are also binding for the equipment belonging to our 20 permanent subcontractors. For package distribution, UNITAX uses eight Mercedes pharmaceutical vehicles and a PLANTOS electric sprinter. They are used to carry out express-deliveries within Germany, and deliveries to pharmacies in Berlin-Brandenburg.

Procurement and distribution ACCORDING TO GDP

The pharmaceutical-industry orders come from all over Europe. For our customers we connect cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne and Munich with neighbouring European countries. Our special vehicles are deployed all over Europe – we distribute and procure in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands as well as in Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. When procuring, we transport and return products from contract manufacturers in Germany and other European countries to the respective sites of the pharmaceutical manufacturers. National and international distribution-transports with finished pharmaceutical products go directly to wholesalers.

We are a founding partner of the new pharmaceutical general cargo network GDP network solutions. Together with our partners, we offer temperature-controlled transport throughout Germany. All pharmaceutical transports comply with the Good Distribution Practice (GDP), after which the network is named.

Well trained: our drivers

Each transport is only as good as the person behind the steering wheel. That is why we train our drivers in the areas of road-transport of hazardous goods/ADR as well as in Good Distribution Practice (GDP). We round off our quarterly classroom seminars with an online training programme, which we have expanded to include specific questions on pharmaceutical logistics. This is where our drivers test their knowledge once a month. The results of this test show whether they are up-to-date or whether further training is recommended.

Secure worldwide: air and sea freight

With us your sea and air freight transports are in good hands. Thanks to our AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certificate, our customers benefit from secure and accelerated processing in global supply chains.

We realise controlled air and sea freight shipments via a global network of qualified partners with 500 branches in 80 countries.

In the air-freight area we offer you:

  • temperature control by Envirotainer
  • a uniform, tested quality management system
  • hazardous goods packaging for airfreight
  • customs clearance
  • letter of credit processing

Our services in the area of sea freight include:

  • temperature control through reefer/refrigerated containers
  • a uniform, tested quality management system
  • FCL and LCL shipments
  • hazardous goods transports
  • food and drug administration filing
  • customs clearance – including for point-to-point shipments
  • letter of credit processing

With GDP transports in Europe and the AEO Certificate for worldwide supply chains, UNITAX offers the highest-possible security for national and international supply chains.